We’ve all heard it all before. “What goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. If you build it, they will come.” Does the type of vendor you are really attract the best buyers for your home? Or is it enough that you hired the top sales agent in town to sell it? Or could it be the features of your home is really what gets you the top dollars?

You’re all waiting for a simple answer. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with people and the marketplace, there is no simple answer. In reality when selling a home, the vendor is but one aspect of the equation and an important one.

The sale of a property is one of the biggest asset any vendor will ever offload in their lifetimes, yet why do they hold back in helping create the best scenario to achieve their end result? I’ve seen vendors hold back for a few reasons. 1)They say they simply don’t have time. They are too busy they are unable to set aside time to prepare for those 4-6 weeks their property is going to be on the market. So that’s why they hired me, right? 2) They indicate they are afraid of spending advertising money that they may not get back in case they don’t end up selling or accepting an offer. So can I find them a buyer first who will pay their dream price now so they can sell it? 3)They don’t know that they have an important part to play. Isn’t that what you’re there for, they ask me? In the first instance, there’s not much an agent can do but fill in the gaps where possible. For the 2nd reason given, the agent and vendor may need to reassess if the vendor is genuinely serious in selling. On the final point, something can be done. I believe it is the sales agent’s job to explain, educate and encourage the vendor on what they can do.

Whilst there are limits to the actual features of any home, understanding the role you as a vendor play can help seal the deal sooner than later and certainly also contribute in achieving the best price or result.

Here are 2 top attributes of the ideal vendor:

1) AN IDEAL VENDOR CARES. He is able to put himself in the shoes of the buyer looking for their ideal home. He does not allow or leave anything to chance. Yes the property has lovely features but so does the next 2 listed properties up the road. The vendor who cares asks a smart question; “Can I do anything else from my end so my property stands out? A vendor who cares takes initiative and listens to sound advice, makes necessary adjustments where possible and sets his or her property up to compete well against others on the market.

2) AN IDEAL VENDOR COMMITS. An average vendor hopes for the best results but when asked to commit, they will say “NO” to most everything specially money and time to help achieve their expected result. The committed vendor is very aware that to succeed, one must cast a wide net to let buyers know the property is for sale. The committed vendor invest his money and together with his sales agent actively gives his property the highest and best chance at achieving the best result. He views his chosen sales agent as a partner rather than just a hired hand. He gets involved and takes time to listen to feedback and cooperates and works closely with his trusted agent in achieving the best result.

Although many factors can affect the final result and final price the vendor gets for his home, one cannot ignore the wisdom in choosing to be a vendor that willingly contributes to the ideal outcome.

“Of the best results I’ve achieved for my vendors, I must admit that the vendor/s played a very important role by heeding sound advice and in providing for me the best possible product so I can go out there and find the best buyer for it”.

contributed by Juliet Mutia