How can I save money when selling or leasing ?

Whether you are looking to sell or lease your property, do your homework. Research and speak to a few agents and seek good advice. The wrong advice can cost you time and money.

How do I guarantee the best results for sale of my property ?

Not all agents are equal. Shop around and determine what you want and which agent is right for you. For us the right agent is the one that works only for the vendor/s 100%.

What is the ideal time to buy my first home?

Everyone is different. What is right for Jill may be wrong for Jack. A good starting point for first home buyers is to have yourself assessed with the bank or broker first to determine what is your borrowing capacity. Knowing how much you can spend is a big factor in what th next step is for you.

How much does styling the property add to the sales results?

Only a handful of types of properties will be sold unaffected by presentation but the majority of home would generally improve their eventual sold price achieved when staged or styled. 

Is it better to sell in Spring or other seasons?

There was a general belief that spring is the best time to sell a home but this is an old tale. The best time to sell is when it suits your situation. When it comes to selling, no one factor is solely responsible for the outcome or result.