Level Basement/50 Lyons Road, Drummoyne NSW 2047

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Level Basement/50 Lyons Road, Drummoyne NSW 2047



Studio - Drummoyne NSW

Underground means away from the elements, cool, secure and out of sight from unwanted prying eyes. Entry to the garage is via remote access and there is a lift to to to ground level.

This has housed the following before: (boat, car, doll houses, furniture, stock, equipment, furniture).

Specifications: (Various, see below limits)

SINGLE – 2.24H cage entry, then 2.52m low point, 2.38 W, 5.34D

DOUBLE – 2.33m W Entry (left cage), 2.30m H, 5.4m D, Highest 2.8m
2.50 W Entry (right cage), 2.1m H, 5.4m D, Lowest 2.1m
Longest Width 5.76m, Shortest Width from corner 4.65m

Available now, 6-12 months lease and a choice of DBL lock up or Single lock up. Rent one or Rent them all.

Property Features
Juliet Mutia
Principal Licensee
Juliet has successfully utilized her background of two decades in advertising and marketing to carve out a successful real estate career in the last 11 years. She has gained increasing prominence and profile with her tailored approach that’s brought repeated record-breaking sales results, not only in East Drummoyne, but also greater Sydney and regional areas. Juliet’s success has continued to grow, not only through repeat business, but also through countless referrals as past clients show confidence and support for her work. Juliet’s passion for the craft of negotiation and exceptional service has translated into unforgettable client experiences. It is with this encouraging support that Juliet has taken the progressive challenge of growing her own brand having found a gap in the marketplace for real estate specialist services.
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Lucia Liu
Associate Agent
0414 210 071
After a highly successful career of over two decades in the TELCO industry, Lucia transitioned into real estate. Lucia has a wealth of experience in a client focussed environment and this is evident in how she understands our clients and works with them to achieve their goals. Her superior analytical and people skills complement her associate sales and property management role. Lucia is fluent in mandarin and shares Juliet’s meticulously high standards to ensure positive experiences for our clients.
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