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“Underquoting BANNED”


My take on buyer’s agents

Serving the property market for several years now, I note that selling for vendors has become very interesting with low stock, high demand, and the inclusion of buyer’s agents into the mix. The practicalities of using a buyer’s agent are obvious. 1) A person of stature usually needs a buyers agent – Mostly someone with…


The Ideal Vendor

We’ve all heard it all before. “What goes around, comes around. You reap what you sow. If you build it, they will come.” Does the type of vendor you are really attract the best buyers for your home? Or is it enough that you hired the top sales agent in town to sell it? Or…


Which Method of Sale?

FOR SALE BY OWNERS (FSBO) is a term in real estate used to describe a way of selling property where the owner has decided to do what would otherwise be the job, and reason for hiring the services, of a property sales agent. The three most common reasons for owners choosing this method of sale…




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